Note for price inquiry and sample request

First, thank you for visiting our web-site. We must apologize for not listing all our products in this web-site due to the home-page space limitation. If you need our service for quotation and sample request, please provide detail information as followings in order to save both of us time.

1. Input voltage: AC240V, AC220V, AC115V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V or …
2. Output voltage: -_______KVDC, + ______ KVDC, or _______KVAC
3. Output current: ______uA, or ________mA
4. Ozone output: ______mg/Hr, or ______g/Hr
5. Purpose: ____water treatment, _____air cleaner or _____others(please specify)
6. Output control: ______ adjustable, _____non-adjustable.

首先我們感謝您上我們的網站參觀,茲因我們公司系列產品眾多, 而且每一系列又有非常多的規格機種,因為礙於網頁空間限制無法一一列出, 如果您需要我們提供報價或索取樣品, 請詳細告知下列基本需求條件,或告知更詳盡的說明以減少,貴我雙方書信往返溝通的時間, 藉以提昇工作效率, 謝謝您的配合!

一 輸入電壓規格: 如AC240V ,AC220, AC115V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V等等
二 輸出電壓規格: 如 -_______ KVDC ,+__________KVDC, _________KVAC
三 輸出電流: _______uA , __________mA
四 臭氣產生濃量: ______ mg/hr, ________g/hr
五 用途: ____水處理, _______空氣清淨, 或其他 ___________
六 輸出控制: ______可調整 , ,__________不可調整.

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